Alpharetta Neighborhood
Watch/PACT Program.

The Alpharetta Neighborhood Watch/PACT (Police and Citizens Together) Program works with the Alpharetta Police Department to provide notification of crime within the Windward Community as well as other public safety information. Current co-coordinators of the program are Tina Smith, Tracey Kennedy, Joanne Maran, and Debra Stewart. After signing up with the NW/PACT Program, Windward residents receive email notifications about safety issues or information on crime within our community. Each neighborhood has a volunteer block captain who sends out email alerts to residents in his or her area.

If you are a Windward resident and would like to be placed on the Windward NW/PACT list to receive alerts and other messages, please contact Tina Smith at or Tracey Kennedy at and we will contact the designated block captain for your neighborhood so that you can be included.

Alpharetta Public Safety Facebook Page

To reach
Windward Management,
call (770) 802-8360