Modification Forms/Requests


An Architectural & Landscape Review Application is required for:

  1. All restoration, refurbishment, change, replacement, alteration, enhancement, addition or deletion made on or to existing structures and/or the yard of a Residential Unit (including but not limited to repainting and/or re-roofing); and

  2. All proposed new exterior items such as, but not limited to new structures, hardscape, landscape and/or fencing on a Residential Unit and/or lot within the Windward Community.

Work initiated without prior approval is subject to fines and other sanctions.

Important: Before removing trees, written approval is required from both the City and from WCSA, except for dead trees. Per the City, dead trees do not require permits, but it must be reported via their email along with a photo and property address.  A written approval on a WCSA application is still required before removing the tree. 


We define "maintenance" as any minor repair which is replacing or repairing a damaged or deteriorated item with the same kind, size, shape, color and texture. Examples of maintenance include:

  • Repair and same-color touch-up of one or two (but not all) shutters;

  • Repair or replace and repaint a partial section of trim;

  • Replanting existing annual beds; and/or replacing one or two dead shrubs with like kind and size material.

For Major Construction Projects

For Typical Arch/Landscape Projects

Modification/Construction Documents

Modification/Construction Documents

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1030223712659 Overview and General Information 2.17.19 Overview and General Information 2.17.19397104 KBwindward_-_wds-i_overview_and_general_information_2.17.19.pdf3/26/2019
2030223812659 Index Index 26239 KBwindward_-_wds-0_index_2.17.19.pdf3/26/2019
3030223912659 Decks (including insect screens) Porches Patios Pergolas & Trellises 2.17.19 Decks (including insect screens) Porches Patios Pergolas & Trellises 2.17.19295100 KBwindward_-_wds_-iiia(1)(a)_decks_(including_insect_screens)_porches_patios_pergolas_and_trellises_2.17.19.pdf3/26/2019
4030224012659 Docks and Sea Walls 2.17.19 Docks and Sea Walls 2.17.1997206 KBwindward_-_wds_-iiia(1)(b)_docks_and_sea_walls_2.17.19.pdf3/26/2019
5030224112659 Equipment (Air Conditioners, Pool Pumps, Irrigation Pumps, Etc.) 2.17.19 Equipment (Air Conditioners, Pool Pumps, Irrigation Pumps, Etc.) 2.17.1910793 KBwindward_-_wds_-iiia(1)(c)_equipment_(air_conditioners,_pool_pumps,_irrigation_pumps,_etc.)_2.17.19.pdf3/26/2019
6030224212659 Exterior Lighting (House, Yard & Other) 2.17.19 Exterior Lighting (House, Yard & Other) 2.17.19139101 KBwindward_-_wds_-iiia(1)(d)_exterior_lighting_(house,_yard_and_other)_2.17.19.pdf3/26/2019
7034918712659 Fencing Guidelines - Aug 2019 Fencing Guidelines - Aug 2019193104 KBfencing_guidelines_-_aug_2019.pdf9/11/2019
8030224812659 Fire Pits, Exterior Fireplaces, Yard Art, Furniture Other Yard Items 2.17.19 Fire Pits, Exterior Fireplaces, Yard Art, Furniture Other Yard Items 2.17.19259233 KBwindward_-_wds_-iiia(2)(b)_fire_pits,_exterior_fireplaces,_yard_art,_furniture__other_yard_items_2.17.19.pdf3/26/2019
9030224912659 Flag Display 2.17.19 Flag Display 2.17.19101170 KBwindward_-_wds_-iiia(2)(c)_flag_display_2.17.19.pdf3/26/2019
10030225012659 Landscaping (excluding trees) 2.17.19 Landscaping (excluding trees) 2.17.19481114 KBwindward_-_wds_-iiia(2)(d)_landscaping_(excluding_trees)_2.17.19.pdf3/26/2019
11030225112659 Mailboxes 2.17.19 Mailboxes 2.17.19128119 KBwindward_-_wds_-iiia(2)(e)_mailboxes_2.17.19.pdf3/26/2019
12030225212659 Play Equipment (excluding Playhouses) 2.17.19 Play Equipment (excluding Playhouses) 2.17.1915897 KBwindward_-_wds_-iiia(2)(f)_play_equipment_(excluding_playhouses)_2.17.19.pdf3/26/2019
13030224312659 New Home Construction or Expansions 2.17.19 as revised New Home Construction or Expansions 2.17.19 as revised110716 KBwindward_-_wds_-iiia(1)(e)_new_home_construction_or_expansions_2.17.19_as_revised.pdf3/26/2019
14030224412659 Painting - House and Deck 2.17.19 Painting - House and Deck 2.17.19369113 KBwindward_-_wds_-iiia(1)(f)_painting_-_house_and_deck_2.17.19.pdf3/26/2019
15040355012659 Pools and Hot Tubs 3.13.19 Pools and Hot Tubs 3.13.1912431 KBwindward_-iiia(2)(h)_pools_and_hot_tubs_3.13.19.pdf3/26/2020