Guidelines for Architectural Modifications,
Construction, or Landscaping Projects

Why Do I Need to Apply to Make Modifications to My Property?

The mission of the Windward Community Services Association (WCSA) is to maintain, preserve and enhance the value of the Windward Community. Fundamental to the Windward community is quality of planning, design and craftsmanship. The Board of Directors has adopted Guidelines for Residential Construction for each Neighborhood in Windward. The Neighborhood Guidelines provide the basis for a common understanding of the design objectives and standards for the community. These Guidelines will be used by the WCSA to assist in the review of applications pursuant to the provisions of the applicable Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Windward.

The first step in the approval process is your submittal of the Architecture and Landscape Review Application.  Applications must be
submitted by the homeowner, not a vendor.  
If you have specific questions, you can contact our Property Manager at

Please use the links below to find the information you need pertaining to making modifications to your home.

What Requires a Review Application?

Other than "minor repairs" (as defined below), a Review Application is required for:
all restoration, refurbishment, change, replacement, alteration, enhancement, addition or deletion made on or to existing structures and/or yard and all proposed new exterior items such as, but not limited to new structures, hardscape, landscape and/or fencing.

A "minor repair" consists of replacing or repairing a damaged or deteriorated item with the same kind, size, shape, color and texture. Examples include: Repair and same-color touch-up of one or two (but not all) shutters; Repair or replace and repaint a partial section of trim; Replanting existing annual beds; and/or replacing one or two dead shrubs with like kind and size material.

Note: Roof replacement and/or repainting is not a "minor repair" and requires a Review Application.

How Long Does the Review Take?

For basic projects, if all the required documentation is provided at the time of application, the process normally takes 14 to 21 days.  Once your paperwork is received, the management office does a preliminary review to confirm basic information has been provided, and then forwards this on to the architect, usually within 5 days of receipt.  The architect has up to 10 days to conduct the formal analysis and return the results to the management office.  Management then provides this to the committee, which conducts online reviews and voting.  The committee also meets on the second Monday of each month for special cases.  Within a day or two after online voting is completed, a letter is issued to the applicant advising of the results.

What About Trees on My Property?

Windward is a tree preservation community. No tree (alive or dead), regardless of size may be removed without the prior written approval of the WSCA Modification Committee. Approval from the city must also be obtained before removing living trees. Per the City, dead trees do not require permits, but it must be reported via their email along with a photo and property address. Trees may be pruned without the prior written approval of the MC only if the pruning is performed in accordance with the standard set forth by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Pruning Best Management Practices.

A Tree  may be pruned without prior written  approval only if the following two conditions are met:
1)  The  pruning is performed in accordance  with the  standard  set  forth by the  International Society  of Arboriculture (ISA)  Pruning  Best Management  Practices (BMP). 
2)  Pruning is limited to the removal of tertiary and quaternary branches, except for the removal of dead/diseased limbs and removal of branches impeding pedestrian and vehicle movement or branches in contact with a residential structure.  The natural form of the tree is to be maintained.  No more than 25% of the volume in branches may be removed in a single pruning and no more than one pruning shall be performed per year.  

A Person desiring to prune a Tree in a manner other than above must submit a Modification Application and receive written approval before pruning is initiated.

Library copy of the Tree Pruning Best Practices Manual follows. Due to copyright restrictions, you need to be signed in (top right) to view the manual, otherwise the menu option will not appear.

City of Alpharetta - Tree Removal Guidelines

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3030223912659 Decks (including insect screens) Porches Patios Pergolas & Trellises 2.17.19 Decks (including insect screens) Porches Patios Pergolas & Trellises 2.17.19642100 KBwindward_-_wds_-iiia(1)(a)_decks_(including_insect_screens)_porches_patios_pergolas_and_trellises_2.17.19.pdf3/26/2019
4030224012659 Docks and Sea Walls 2.17.19 Docks and Sea Walls 2.17.19285206 KBwindward_-_wds_-iiia(1)(b)_docks_and_sea_walls_2.17.19.pdf3/26/2019
5030224112659 Equipment (Air Conditioners, Pool Pumps, Irrigation Pumps, Etc.) 2.17.19 Equipment (Air Conditioners, Pool Pumps, Irrigation Pumps, Etc.) 2.17.1920193 KBwindward_-_wds_-iiia(1)(c)_equipment_(air_conditioners,_pool_pumps,_irrigation_pumps,_etc.)_2.17.19.pdf3/26/2019
6030224212659 Exterior Lighting (House, Yard & Other) 2.17.19 Exterior Lighting (House, Yard & Other) 2.17.19303101 KBwindward_-_wds_-iiia(1)(d)_exterior_lighting_(house,_yard_and_other)_2.17.19.pdf3/26/2019
7034918712659 Fencing Guidelines Fencing Guidelines 758618 KBfencing_guidelines_-_aug_2019.pdf9/11/2019
8030224812659 Fire Pits, Exterior Fireplaces, Yard Art, Furniture Other Yard Items 2.17.19 Fire Pits, Exterior Fireplaces, Yard Art, Furniture Other Yard Items 2.17.19527233 KBwindward_-_wds_-iiia(2)(b)_fire_pits,_exterior_fireplaces,_yard_art,_furniture__other_yard_items_2.17.19.pdf3/26/2019
9030224912659 Flag Display 2.17.19 Flag Display 2.17.19232170 KBwindward_-_wds_-iiia(2)(c)_flag_display_2.17.19.pdf3/26/2019
10030225012659 Landscaping (excluding trees) 2.17.19 Landscaping (excluding trees) 2.17.19989114 KBwindward_-_wds_-iiia(2)(d)_landscaping_(excluding_trees)_2.17.19.pdf3/26/2019
11030225112659 Mailboxes 2.17.19 Mailboxes 2.17.19271119 KBwindward_-_wds_-iiia(2)(e)_mailboxes_2.17.19.pdf3/26/2019
12030225212659 Play Equipment (excluding Playhouses) 2.17.19 Play Equipment (excluding Playhouses) 2.17.1928397 KBwindward_-_wds_-iiia(2)(f)_play_equipment_(excluding_playhouses)_2.17.19.pdf3/26/2019
13030224312659 New Home Construction or Expansions 2.17.19 as revised New Home Construction or Expansions 2.17.19 as revised213716 KBwindward_-_wds_-iiia(1)(e)_new_home_construction_or_expansions_2.17.19_as_revised.pdf3/26/2019
14030224412659 Painting - House and Deck 2.17.19 Painting - House and Deck 2.17.19839113 KBwindward_-_wds_-iiia(1)(f)_painting_-_house_and_deck_2.17.19.pdf3/26/2019
15040355012659 Pools and Hot Tubs 3.13.19 Pools and Hot Tubs 3.13.19228431 KBwindward_-iiia(2)(h)_pools_and_hot_tubs_3.13.19.pdf3/26/2020