Realtor Information on Windward Community.

The Windward community and the Windward Community Services Association is proud of the long running relationship
we have had with the area’s real estate professionals - many whom call our great community home. This includes our
semi-annual “Realtors Roundtables,” a twice annual meeting where the area’s top real estate agents - and the Windward
Community Services Association board - discuss ways to continually promote Windward as North Fulton’s top residential

Welcome to the Windward Community Website. At the bottom of this page you will find a document library containing
a Realtor Information Sheet & a Welcome Home Brochure.

Additionally you will find detailed information about For Sale signage requirements.


Please review the City of Alpharetta, Unified Development Code Section 2.6 SIGNS; Specifically 2.6.8 and 2.6.11.F;
Those rules are enforced by the City of Alpharetta.

(WCSA) Annual Assessment Fees:

Windward Community Services Association, Inc. (WCSA) is the mandatory home owners association for the Windward community. WSCA's By-Laws, Covenants and Use Restrictions are available on the web site, under the Documents tab on the menu bar. WCSA is responsible for the maintenance of the common areas and enforcement of the rules and covenants.

  • 2018 annual assessment for WCSA is $625. Sub-association fees are listed on the Information sheet (above).

  • The closing letter fee is $10 and the new owner account setup fee is $240.

  • WCSA has a $1,000 Capital Contribution Assessment for purchases of Windward homes, collected at Closing (effective June 1, 2014). The $1,000 Capital Contribution Assessment is a one-time fee per Windward Resident. If a current Windward Resident purchases another home in Windward, that fee is waived. Reference / Documents; HOA Governing Documents; (scroll to page 2) Windward Covenants Amendment 2014; page 2

  • Invoices are sent out at the end of the calendar year. Fees are always due Feb 1. If you are selling your home, prorations of the fees are done by the closing attorney.

  • WCSA maintains the entrance monuments, common areas throughout Windward including: Sports Park, Boat Launch and Pocket Parks and maintenance of Lake Windward

  • There are no special assessments being considered or passed.

Information on Associated Clubs

The Golf Club of Georgia is a private club offering Windward Preferred memberships.
For details please call (770) 664-8644.

The Windward Lake Club is a private club providing Swim, Tennis and Marina memberships.
For details please call (770) 442-5783.

**WCSA is not authorized to quote pricing for these private clubs

Realtor Information

Realtor Information

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1028788412670 Realtor.HOA Information 2019 Realtor.HOA Information 20196102 KBrealtor.hoa_information_2019.pdf2/14/2019
2028790012670 WCSA Community Disclosure Info WCSA Community Disclosure Info4232 KBwcsa_community_disclosure_info.pdf2/14/2019
3028787112670 FastSigns Signage Order Form FastSigns Signage Order Form1232 KBfastsigns.pdf2/14/2019
4028787212670 Image360 Signage Order Form Image360 Signage Order Form1249 KBimage360.pdf2/14/2019
5014601112670 Welcome Home Brochure Welcome Home Brochure658319 KBWelcomeHomeBrochure.pdf7/10/2017
6027893912670 Architectural & Landscape Modification Form Architectural & Landscape Modification Form7706 KBarch_and_landscape_review_app_-_updated_july_2018.pdf1/17/2019
7015639612670 Declaration of Covenants Declaration of Covenants4718 MBdeclaration.pdf10/25/2017
8015639812670 Amendment to Declaration Amendment to Declaration183311 KBamendment_4.15.14.pdf10/25/2017
9024798812670 Windward Realtor Directional Signs - Sept 2018 Windward Realtor Directional Signs - Sept 20183454 KBwindward_realtor_directional_signs_-_sept_2018.pdf9/24/2018
10025017512670 Windward Resolution - Fining Schedule Windward Resolution - Fining Schedule1242 KBwindward_resolution_-_fining_schedule.pdf9/30/2018
11025879612670 Windward Rules and Regulations Windward Rules and Regulations22454 KBwindward_rules_and_regulations_10.26.18_(approved).pdf10/26/2018