Windward Community
Services Association, Inc.(WCSA)

All homeowners in the Windward Community are automatically members of the mandatory homeowners Association know as Windward Community Services Association, Inc. or WCSA.

WCSA’s purpose is to maintain and care for all of the common areas of the Windward community and deal with association issues such as modifications, new construction, covenants, etc. It functions through a Board of Directors and Committees. The Board of Directors consists of members elected by the Windward residents.

The function of the WCSA Committees are as follows:

Civic Committee: Supports the residents of the Windward Community and the WCSA Board of Directors in their efforts on behalf of the residents by acting as a primary interface with elected officials and departmental staff of the City of Alpharetta and other pertinent governmental bodies. 

Communications Committee: Initiates community-wide communications for WCSA and its committees. Manages the monthly newsletter, The Breeze, and manages the Association web site.

Covenants Committee: Monitors compliance with the covenants, conditions and use restrictions established for the Association. 

Finance Committee: Plans for long-term fiscal needs, oversees the annual budget for the community, serves as a resource for the treasurer on the various financial and investments issues for the Association. 

Lake Committee: Oversees the lake maintenance and water quality monitoring as well as conducting lake clean-ups throughout the year. The Lake Committee is also responsible for insuring that all boats used on lake Windward are properly registered with an identification decal.

Leadership Committee: The mission statement for the Leadership Committee is "To assist the Board of Directors in its mission to maintain, preserve, and enhance the value to the Windward Community by identifying and screening leaders in our community who might be willing to serve on committees and/or the Board of Directors". The Committee also serves as the Nominating Committee for Board positions prior to each annual meeting. 

Modifications Committee: This committee consists of Windward residents as well as a licensed professional architect and a licensed landscape architect. Using the Neighborhood Guidelines and professional guidance, the Committee reviews all applications for repairs or improvements to homes and yards in Windward. Click here for more information on Modifications and the Architecture and Landscape Review Application. 

Property Committee: This committee maintains and improves all neighborhood entry monuments, landscaping, cul-de-sac islands, signage, signage lighting, road shoulders and reviews bids and contracts for all property improvements and maintenance including the Sports Park, Boat Launch, and all the common areas and landscape easements in the community.

Social Committee: Plans, helps fund and puts on events to engage the community and build community spirit.

To reach
Windward Management,
call (770) 802-8360