Windward Homeowners, Inc. (WHI)
The goals of WHI are to protect your investment in your Windward homes, foster community activities and to improve the quality of life of Windward residents. These goals and WHI’s success in achieving them is derived from your membership, your input, and many hours of community effort contributed by you, the Windward Residents.

Membership in WHI is voluntary although approximately 80% of residents are members. The cost of membership is only $25 annually. Your membership in WHI allows them to provide the following services that include:

  • Publish the WHI Newsletter, Currents

  • Resident Directory (published annually)

  • Host Newcomer parties

  • 4th of July Activities

  • Labor Day Fireworks (Sports Park)

  • Represent homeowner interests in zoning issues

  • Make government officials aware of community concerns

  • Stimulate voter turnout in important decisions and elections

To reach
Windward Management,
call (770) 802-8360